Mounted Sprayers
V FOLD MOUNTED – A compact strong sprayer with booms up to 30m and tanks up to 1900 litre.

GW MOUNTED – A simple to operate, forward folding boom sprayer with advanced features.

FASTRAC DEMOUNT – For 4000 series with Rear folding boom. Up to 3000L tank and 30m boom .

Trailed Sprayers
ES TRAILED – Mechanical tracking, 2500 & 3000 litre tanks options and booms up to 24m.
EU TRAILED – Advanced electronic tracking, tank to 3600 litres and booms to 30m.
TRAILBLAZER – Steering axle with hillside correction, tanks to 6000 lire and booms to 40m
Self-Propelled Sprayers
1835 Vista –
Self-propelled with tank from 3500 or 4000and booms from 24 to 36m
2050 Vista -
Self-propelled with tanks from 4000 to 5000 litre and booms from 24 to 40m
Fastrac FC -
Mechanical drive Self-Propelled with 4000 litre tank and booms up to 40m